Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked all sorts of questions about Splosh – here are some of the most common. If your question isn’t covered here, please do get in touch.

How long does delivery take?
We aim to despatch all orders by the next working day. Starter boxes (orders containing bottles, SuperSize refills, or 7 or more standard refills) are sent by Royal Mail tracked delivery. These deliveries usually take 48 hours – but can take longer. Refills are sent by the standard Royal Mail service and may arrive on separate days. Please allow 3-5 days for refills deliveries.
Do you test on animals?
No we don’t. We’ve been against animal testing from the start. By the way our products are also vegan friendly and septic tank safe.
How do you send subscriptions?
Subscription orders are sent as follows:

– Up to six standard refills
– sent individually and postage is free.
– Seven or more standard refills – sent together in a single box. Postage free, and you get an extra 5% discount.
– SuperSize refill(s) with up to two standard refills. Sent together in a single box and postage is £3.95.
– SuperSize refill(s) with three or more standard refills.
Sent together in a single box and postage is free.
Is your hand wash anti-bacterial?
No our hand wash is not anti-bacterial. However it’s still a great product for keeping your hands clean!
Can I fill my own bottles with Splosh?

Yes you can! Here’s how:

Liquid laundry detergents
There’s no need to dilute – just pour the liquid from your refill pouch into your bottle. Our liquid is highly concentrated so you only need 20ml per load.

Laundry powder
Pour into a canister that can keep the powder dry. The dosage is only 20g per load.

Fabric conditioners
NEW revised formulation. 3 bottle concentrated refill. NEW RATIO - 1 part concentrate to 2 parts water. Up to 132 washes. Please note, the new formulation is now white in colour. Dosage is 10ml er wash load.

Laundry stain remover
This does not need to be diluted – it’s highly concentrated in use.

Washing up liquids
Dilute the concentrate (1 part concentrate, 2 parts water) before use.

Kitchen, bathroom and glass cleaners
Dilute the concentrate (1 part concentrate, 4 parts water) before use.

Floor cleaner
Dilute the concentrate (1 part concentrate, 1 part water) before use. In use, just 12 ml is required per 5L bucket of warm water.

Toilet bowl cleaner
Dilute the concentrate (1 part concentrate, 3 parts water) before use.

Hand wash
To make up your hand wash use 28% concentrate and 72% hot tap water. As measuring this might be difficult you can use 1 part concentrate, 3 parts water.

Shower gel and shampoo
To make up your shower gel use 28% concentrate and 72% hot tap water. As measuring this might be difficult you can use 1 part concentrate, 3 parts water.

To make your conditioner use 38% hot tap water and 62% concentrate (these measurements are by volume). If measuring by weight you should use 62% hot tap water and 38% concentrate – these differences are because of the low specific gravity of the conditioner. Allow some space at the top of the bottle as this is needed to mix the concentrate in.
My trigger sprayer has stopped working
This is usually caused by the liquid drying and sticking the pump mechanism of the trigger. To fix this, try submerging the trigger and tube in warm water and squeezing the trigger several times. Then stand the trigger up in the water (with the tube of the trigger mechanism in the warm water) and squeeze several more times. This usually does the trick! If not, please contact us for a free replacement.
Do you sell outside the UK?
We’re afraid that we only sell in the UK at the moment. Keep a look out on our Facebook page for new developments at Splosh.
Do you charge for delivery?
Standard size refills on their own are free delivery. As you can imagine, bottles and SuperSize refills are a bigger deal to send so we do need to charge you £3.95 postage for those. However if your basket value is over £25 - then postage is free.
Do your products work?
They certainly do. We’ve spent years in the lab formulating unique products that do the job. We send them to you as concentrates that you then dilute with tap water. We always test against high street brands and some of our products are award-winners. We offer a 100% no quibble money-back guarantee within 14 days of purchase if you don’t love our products.
How environmentally friendly are your ingredients?
We take great care to source ingredients that are non-toxic, with minimal environmental impact once they go down your drain. We use plant derived ingredients wherever possible. We never test on animals and we’re vegan friendly. Finally, septic tanks love Splosh!
Why do some Splosh labels say the products are damaging to the environment?
Our products attract these statements because they are incredibly concentrated – in other words they contain very little water. We do this to minimise transport CO2 emissions as it’s wasteful to transport water around in bottles, and to get our refills through your letterbox. High concentrations change the labelling requirements, as they would for any environmental cleaning product. But, when back out in the environment, they are no longer classified as a health or environmental hazard as they become so diluted.
Do Splosh products contain palm oil?
Our washing up liquids and personal products contain SLES, which has been ethically sourced and approved by the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). We use this raw material because we want to minimise plastic use and CO2 emissions by making our refills as concentrated as possible. Right now, the only raw material that is concentrated enough for us to use for some applications is SLES. But rest assured that as soon as other raw materials become available, we will use them. We have now removed SLES from our laundry liquids and we’re actively searching for alternative ingredients for our other products.


We’re great value compared to other eco and standard household products. You’ll find our bottles can cost a little more initially, but the value really kicks in when you order refills (which we post to you for free). This is because you’re buying direct from us and, of course, you only have to pay for your bottles once. Q. How to get a discount? A. There are various ways you can get discounts like follow us on social media, sign up for newsletter or checkout voucher code website like DealsPlanet.