Pouch returns

Please accept our apologies as this service is temporarily down whilst we update our pouch returns process.
Please check back on the website in a couple of days. Alternatively you can check your nearest stockist here.

Here's how to return your pouches and cut your plastic waste to zero... Zip! Nadda! Nothing!

The best way of returning your pouches is via retailers who sell Splosh. They have a pouch returns box on shelf designed to take your used pouches.

You may well want to start buying Splosh from them in future to support a local store! You can find a list of stores here.

Find a returns location here

There are also two other ways to return pouches, depending on how many pouches you are sending back.

How to return 20 pouches or more

Put your used pouches in a box. Please ensure they are rinsed out and the caps are on tight. You can put any Splosh pouches in your box, including SuperSize refills.

Print your free Royal Mail returns label (see the link below).

Securely tape the box and pop in the post. Done.

To print your Royal Mail returns label click here 

If you don’t have a printer, you can arrange for a QR code to be emailed to you and then a Post Office Counter can print the label from your QR code.

It’s really important that you return at least 20 pouches at a time if using the printed label – the economics for reprocessing pouches don’t work if we receive less. Apologies in advance, but we reserve the right to charge your account for postage if we receive less than 20.

How to return 8 pouches

We understand that returning 20 pouches at a time doesn’t suit everyone, so you can also return 8 pouches at a time.

Rinse eight empty pouches and screw the caps back on. Place four of them flat in a refill box with spouts pointing outwards.

Fold the other four pouches in half then place in box with spouts pointing outwards. It’s a bit of a squeeze, but they fit!

Tape the box closed, write the return address on the back, cross out your address on the front, arrange postage and return.

The returns address is:
Splosh, Unit 6, Dyffryn Industrial Estate, Newtown SY16 3BD

8 pouches will fit in one of our refill boxes if they are neatly folded and empty. Please ensure that the box is not bulging – if it is deeper than 25mm it will no longer be a ‘large letter’ and will cost more to send. You will need to cover the postage cost, which is likely to be £1.40, if sent as a 2nd class large letter by Royal Mail.

Supporting a great cause

For each pouch returned this way we will donate 10p to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity. 

Whale and Dolphin Conservation are a great charity. We’ve been to see them in their office – and we love the vital work they do. 

What happens to your pouches next?

Our reprocessing partners shred and wash the pouches and then make them into pellets. The pellets are then made into new products.

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